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Walt Whitman

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Internet Resources:

  • Fine Whitman bibliographies abound among the sites listed above, and you can always go to the Library of Congress Catalogs, as well.

  • Complete book listings for Walt at Amazon.com included the following selections:
    NOTE: If you link from here to Amazon.com and then buy a new book, 5 to 15% of your purchase price will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

    • Leaves of Grass, Edited by Sculley Bradley, University of Pennsylvania, emeritus and Harold W. Blodgett, Union College, emeritus. Paperback - 1008 pages (December 1985) W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393093883. Publisher's notes: "This edition contains the most complete and authoritative collection of Whitman's work in one volume. The basic text is the "Comprehensive Reader's Edition" of Leaves of Grass, which includes the 1892 'deathbed' edition preferred by Whitman, all the prefaces to the editions of Leaves of Grass, 45 poems and 28 passages from poems excluded from successive editions, 22 previously unpublished poems, and 43 poems and 60 manuscript fragments never before collected--the fragments comprise over half of those in existence. A special section, 'Whitman on His Art,' contains prose statements on his role as an artist, taken from his notebooks, letters, conversation, and newspaper articles. "Criticism" begins with Whitman's own anonymous review and presents a wide selection of the diverse opinions that have been held since by critics and by poets. Harold Blodgett's concluding essay discusses the pattern of Whitman's critical fortunes."

    • Leaves of Grass. Vintage Books/The Library of America edition, which includes both the 1855 first edition and the final WW-approved edition of 1891-1892. Also included are supplementary poems and those that appeared in other editions but not the first and last. Introduction by John Hollander. ISBN 0679725148

    • The Complete Poems Editor Francis Murphy, Introduction by Francis Murphy. Penguin Classic. Paperback. Publication Date: July 1977 ISBN 0140422226 Of the nine editions Whitman prepared of his Leaves of Grass, this final "deathbed" edition (1891-92) is printed in accordance with a note of instruction left by the poet to his future editors.

    • Leaves of Grass: His Original Edition 1855, Editor Malcolm Cowley, Introduction by Malcolm Cowley. Penguin Classic, Paperback Publication Date: July 1961 ISBN 0140421998

    • Leaves of Grass (Oxford World's Classics) , Jerome Loving (Editor) Paperback (August 1998) Oxford University Press (Trade); ISBN: 0192834096 This edition reproduces the 1891-2 text and includes Whitman's preface to the 1855 edition, as well as Emerson's famous letter of 1855.

    • Leaves of Grass Hardcover Death Bed edition (October 1993) Modern Library; ISBN: 0679600760

    • Complete Poetry and Selected Prose Paperback (June 1959) Houghton Mifflin College; ISBN: 0395051320

    Biography and Reference
    • A Reader's Guide to Walt Whitman (Reader's Guides) by Gay Wilson Allen. Paperback - 248 pages (September 1997) Syracuse University Press (Trade); ISBN: 0815604882

    • Walt Whitman & the World by Gay Wilson Allen (Editor), Ed Folsom (Editor) "...By tracking this wholehearted international response and reconceptualizing American literature, Walt Whitman and the World demonstrates how various cultures have appropriated an American writer who ceases to sound quite so narrowly American when he is read into another culture's traditions. "
      Hardcover - 480 pages (November 1995) Univ of Iowa Pr; ISBN: 0877454973
      Paperback (November 1995) Univ of Iowa Pr; ISBN: 0877454981

    • A Whitman Chronology by Joann P. Krieg
      Paperback - 176 pages (November 1998) Univ of Iowa Pr; ISBN: 0877456542
      Hardcover - 176 pages (November 1998) Univ of Iowa Pr; ISBN: 087745647X

    • Walt Whitman : An Encyclopedia (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities, Vol. 1877) by J. R. Lemaster (Editor), Donald D. Kummings (Editor) Hardcover - 888 pages (October 1998) Garland Pub; ISBN: 0815318766

    • Walt Whitman : The Song of Himself by Jerome Loving. Hardcover - 595 pages (March 1999) Univ California Press; ISBN: 0520214277

    • The Sacrificial Years : A Chronicle of Walt Whitman's Experiences in the Civil War by Walt Whitman, John Harmon McElroy. Hardcover (March 1999) David R Godine; ISBN: 1567920799

    • Walt Whitman : A Gay Life by Gary Schmidgall.
      Paperback - 464 pages (September 1998) Plume; ISBN: 0452279208
      Hardcover - 428 pages (September 1997) E P Dutton; ISBN: 0525943730


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