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(a.k.a. Daoji, Shih-tao, Tao-chi, Shih-T'ao)

Many can paint a strong wind. Shitao can paint any particular breeze.

Internet Resources:

  • Try the Library of Congress Catalogs to see what's available in libraries and what you may be able to obtain through interlibrary loan services. http://catalog.loc.gov/

  • The wilderness colors of Tao-chi, Introd., commentary, and translations by Marilyn Fu and Wen Fong. [New York] Metropolitan Museum of Art [1973] [43] p. 12 col. plates. 36 cm. LC Call No.: ND1049.T3 F78 Dewey No.: 759.951
    Out of Print

  • Shitao : Painting and Modernity in Early Qing China (Res Monographs in Anthropology and Aesthetics) by Jonathan Hay. Hardcover (February 2001) Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 0521393426

  • Returning home : Tao-chi's album of landscapes and flowers Shih-t'ao, 17th/18th cent., introd. and commentaries by Wen Fong. New York : George Braziller, 1976, Hardcover (April 1982); ISBN: 0807610402. LC Call No.: ND1049.T3 F66
    Hardcover deluxe slip case edition by special order - (October 1976) George Braziller; ISBN: 0807608270

  • Philosophy of painting by Shih-T'ao : a translation and exposition of his Hua-P'u (Treatise on the philosophy of painting), Coleman, Earle Jerome. The Hague (Noordeinde 41) : Mouton, 1978. Description: 147 p. : 21 cm. Series: Studies in philosophy ; 19 LC Call No.: ND1049.T3 C58 Dewey No.: 759.951 ISBN: 9027977569 : fl 41.00
    Notes: Includes an uninterrupted English translation of the Hua p'u.
    Out of Print

  • To find out of print and foreign language books, search "Shitao" "Tao chi" and "Shih-T'ao" at Paragon Book Gallery.


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