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John Coltrane

The 'Trane is on time.

Internet Resources:
  • ::: JOHN COLTRANE.COM ::: The "Official" JC site, has streaming music, a discography, biography, newsletter, connections for scholarships from the John Coltrane Foundation, licensing info from Jowcol Music, and much more. (Requires Flash plug-in.)

  • John Coltrane "My Favorite Things" - discography, bibliography here and a thesis about the interpretation of the song by Scott T. Anderson.

  • John Coltrane section from Down Beat.com, the online home for Down Beat magazine, includes a bio, classic articles from the magazine, message boards, a photo gallery, discography and more.
    http://www.downbeat.com/artists/window.asp?action=new&aid=326&aname=John Coltrane

  • John Coltrane page at AMG - All Music Guide. Includes a very good biography by William Ruhlmann with links to much more info about JC and the musicians he worked with and a great discography.
    Same bio and much of the same info available from:
    John Coltrane at Artist Direct

  • John Coltrane is a page from Dave Wild's Wild Place, and includes an extensive discography.

  • John Coltrane page at Jazzone Online includes bio, discography, several photos.

  • "What Coltrane Wanted: The legendary saxophonist forsook lyricism for the quest for ecstasy," an article by Edward Strickland in The Atlantic Monthly

  • "Remembering John Coltrane - 'I Can't Do Any More Than What I'm Doing.'" – an essay by Mike Zwerin. This is part of the Sons of Miles series from Jazz Magazine.

  • The archives of Inkblot Magazine contains several reviews of Coltrane albums.

  • "Searching for John Coltrane," interview with Lewis Porter, author of John Coltrane, His Life and Music (the University of Michigan Press, 1998). From Perfect Music Forever, online music magazine.

  • A Tribute to John Coltrane A page with some audio samples, photos, etc.

  • John Coltrane Complete, Includes discography, images, etc.

  • Jazz Giant John Coltrane – a page of links from After the End of the World, "a shabby little web 'zine about music."

  • I'm convinced that every list of Coltrane links should include one directly to the Saint John Coltrane African Orthodox Church. Try it to find out why!

  • Coltrane continues to be a highly admired artist, as he was during his lifetime, and I can't keep up with the vast numbers of pages and sites dedicated to him and his work.You may be able to find some more internet listings. Select any of these search engines to see the results for John Coltrane:
    AltaVista - DejaNews - Dogpile - Excite - Google - HotBot - LookSmart - Lycos - MetaCrawler - Northern Light - Open Directory - Overture - Yahoo

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