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Intro and news

Welcome to my web site!
I've been doing some work to improve the navigation of this site, I hope you'll find it easier to get around, and I hope you'll enjoy wandering around among my images.
If you don't like one thing, turn the corner and find something completely different.
If you're in New Orleans, I'll be having occasional showings of prints and paintings in my courtyard as weather permits. You can give me a call or email anytime to find out about these or to arrange a viewing at my studio. (see contact for location, etc.)


Flow: A continuing series of abstract paintings.

Iris: A continuing series of photographs of iris flowers.

Way: A continuing series of calligraphic, sometimes abstract landscape paintings.

Gate: A continuing series of abstract paintings, drawings, and digital work.

Green Door: An adventure in New Orleans - come into the magic garden. A series of photographs

Aperture: A variety of scenic and other photographs.

Fenestration: Continuing photographic series about windows, doors, gates, and reflections in and on them.

Naissance: A continuing series of paintings depicting a new mythology.

Avenue: A continuing series of street scenes of New Orleans.

Clearing: Openings in the forest - two series of photographs, one of which illustrates a poem

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Many of the original paintings are for sale. Contact me directly about purchase of these.

Limited edition, signed prints: I can make digital prints of all images to order. I use HP 38 series fine-art-grade pigment-based inks with compatible papers. This is the cutting edge in permanence, independently tested and expected to last at least 200 years without fading. (Prints of paintings will not have copyright notice on them). Contact me directly about ordering and purchase of these.

Unsigned prints: You may also buy many of the images in high-quality giclée prints, matted, framed (or not) to your order, easily and inexpensively through Fine Art America. Many images are available as greeting cards, too. Use the links from the images here to find out the many printing and framing options and make your order.

Many images are also available as unsigned prints through Imagekind, if you prefer.

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Artist's Statement and Bio

Tom Hefko Originally from north central Wisconsin, Tom grew up working in his family's business, growing flowers in greenhouses and fields. He learned about the beauty of nature and the workings of nature from his grandfather and parents, and many others. Hiking and camping in the countryside of Wisconsin amplified his love of the natural world. Exploration of the inner worlds of the mind and soul has also always been part of his work.

He experimented with many facets of and kinds of art. Learning calligraphy, watercolor painting, and drawing. architectural drawing, asian approaches to drawing and painting and calligraphy, classical and post-impressionist painting, etc. Experimenting with abstract expressionist oils culminated with his first one-man show, in high school. From 1967 - 1970, he studied art at Stout University and at the University of Wisconsin - Madison, learning design, life drawing, etc., and taking up acrylic painting. He went on to work in many styles and media, showing at art fairs, streetside, shops, restaurants, and galleries. He participated in group shows as well and had many one-man shows and several retrospectives.

Today he lives and works at his studio in the French Quarter of New Orleans, working with photography, painting in various media and styles, and exploring the possibilities of digital tools.

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Opening: Art of Tom Hefko
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