Opening: Art of Tom Hefko

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All of the Above A Glimpse Fall Rain Fall
Water Way White Enlightening River Scene
Song of the Snow Range Level Valley Floating Garden
The Space Between Heaven and Earth Marching in the Meadow Land of the Dyamids
Saplings Reign of the Sun Savannah
Seanic Wander Rod and Lace Wetland
Weaving Evening Not Knowing Strata
A Tree in the Country for Shitao In the Mead Distant Shore
Criss Cross Tree Green Window Sunspot
“There was something formed out of chaos,
That was born before Heaven and Earth.
Quiet and still! Pure and Deep!
It stands on its own and doesn't change.
It can be regarded as the mother of Heaven and Earth.
I do not yet know its name: I call it 'the Way.'”
- Lao-tzu
Opening: Art of Tom Hefko

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