Opening: Art of Tom Hefko
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windows and doors and gates and reflections: photographic series

1. 5PM shop mezzanine dormer strangers modern gallery feelings exchange
2. fountain astoria bean portrait flash gate ringling coop's arsenal
3. 10PM cake capitol cloisters krystal latin tujague's mendota 544
4. 7AM granite sing red lounge lyre new york crossed 2721
5. 9PM 24 NO aquarium chandeliers deiparae installation art fan zone
6. 8PM courthouse closed legislation mannequins cats praire curtain 619
7. 12PM baskets brearly jasmine pens threes chicago iron LaLaurie
8. 6PM vesuvio conception tent geo wrecked 940 pyle 2716
9. railings arrival bag docked temple mirrors bike C.A.C. 828

Opening: Art of Tom Hefko

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